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Wiping Rags Products



We make every possible effort to select Wiping Rags strongest, most solvent-resistant Perfect for really tough or messy jobs , these Wiping Rags leave surfaces dry.

These cleaning cloths are being used in all types of businesses and industries including painting and refinish work, janitorial and industrial sites, car and boat dealers, manufacturing, car washes, furniture manufacturing and hair salons and may more.

Wipers are typically available in 100 kg bales & 25 kg boxes or more. Container loads are never a problem . We ship worldwide.

All new Cotton Wiper Rags, Cut-up pieces of All new T-shirt, JERSEY wipings and knit wiping material are are also available.

Flannel Cotton          

All cotton wiping rag cut from shirts, pajamas, and sheets. Makes for a highly absorbent wiper for any liquid.





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